Brian Dean Williams


I have extensive experience with HTML, CSS, and Wordpress from working on a team providing support for Boise State University's WordPress sites for the last 7 years and building my own websites. I'm currently finishing my Bachelor's degree in Boise State University's GIMM program (Gaming, Interactive Media, Mobile). Throughout my education I have learned how to develop applications for a wide variety of platforms. In my free time I enjoy gaming, slacklining, snowboarding, camping, biking, and DIY/hobby electronics.

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Current Projects

Unity Racing Minigame

In this minigame, the goal is to make it through a race course of pipes as a drop of water. You have the ability to phase change between water, vapor, and ice to quickly race to the drainage pipe.

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3D Alien Character

I designed, modeled, and textured my first humanoid Scifi character using Maya and Substance Painter. I fully animated the character in Unity and plan on incorporating this model in my VR game.

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Unity VR Game

I'm currently building a VR shooter game in Unity. In this game you play the role of a galactic bounty hunter tracking your target to a large Space station in deep space. The faster you complete contract, the more money you can make.

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