Digital Portfolio

Unity VR Game: Aphelion Assassin

Aphelion Assassin is a VR first person shooter that puts the player in the shoes of an elite alien bounty hunter tasked with hunting down the galaxy's most dangerous criminals and terrorists. You must stay alive, solve puzzles, and kill anything in your way to locate your targets and take them out.

3D Nature Environment

I created this nature scene as an environmental artist for the background of a client project. I modeled all of these nature assets in Maya and then built out a full environment in Unity with terrain, a particle system waterfall, and a river with a reflective water shader.

Alien Game Character

A game character I modeled in Maya and textured with Substance Painter. I also setup a working demo of the character in Unity with 8-way locomotion using mixamo animations.

Unity minigame with networked multiplayer

Bumper bots is an online multiplayer game I created using Photon in Unity. I modeled/textured the assets, setup a pre-game lobby and setup an arena for a team-based competiton where each team is trying to collect more gears than their opposing team. I also created the ability to steal gears by colliding with an opponent.

Unity minigame with AI

This minigame was developed by me and a small team. I was mainly responsible for programming the enemy AI state machine. I gave them 4 unique states to achieve the gameplay we were going for. They could track down the pickups on the stage and collect them. Then, they switch to a return state to return the pickup to their base. If they get close to the player, they enter an attack state and dash at the player. If the player dashes into the AI, the AI will drop their pickups and become stunned.

More 3D models

I made multiple prop models for one of my games called Water Racer including a mouse and cockroach. Water Racer is still in development but the initial prototype is available below.

VR game Prototype

Requires Oculus VR. Download and extract the files then run waterracer.exe

Download Prototype »

Official Company Logo

I designed this logo for a local HVAC company using Adobe Illustrator. viking logo

Xcode AR Prototype

In this project I'm working on a team of five to build an augmented reality app with AR kit in xcode that will assist disabled people. The app will allow the user to select a classroom on campus and then our AR scene will display a virtual doorway to the classroom the user can enter and explore what each classroom looks like at different times of the day.

Apocalyptic Background Design

This flood apocalypse concept was designed and created by me using Adobe Photoshop. An image of downtown Boise was used as a reference.

apocalypse design

Interactive Comic Demo

The story is about an AI robot that is using therapy as a front to determine the best advertisements for the clients. My scenes focus on an interaction the robot has with a drug dealer(Timestamp: 1:14). Made with Adobe Animate AIR for android.

2D Flash Game

This was my first game I created using Adobe Animate. It's a survival game where the player is an alien invading Earth. If you defeat all of the sam turrets, you have to face a giant robotic boss to win the game.

2D Animated Story

A short animated story I created with Adobe Animate about a robot on the pursuit of happiness.